Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't blame Apple for document leak, it's AT&T's fault

Tuau, the 'unofficial Apple weblog' has come to the rescue of Apple in the wake of yet another embarrassing leak from the technology company, this time about the iPad.

When it was told that a huge list of iPad 3G customers had been leaked into the public domain, the blog came to the rescue of the company it's partly named after, saying that it was in fact not Apple's fault, but the fault of AT&T.
So why is this Apple's fault? Because Apple has teamed up with AT&T, and therefore -- through the transitive power of magical thinking coupled with a deep desire for web traffic and Digg hits -- Apple is responsilbe for ensuring that AT&T doesn't make any mistakes. Apple is supposed to "patrol" AT&T's network.

I think they've got a point. Read the full article here.
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