Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts on Avatar.

Mr Author here to give my opinion on the matter of Avatar bashing. Personally I thought it was a great movie. Spectacular visuals, decent acting and a less than original story to bring it all together, but it has been brought to my attention that some people find that James Cameron's work is less than admirable.....namely KEN!

First off lets discuss the hype. Okay it was hyped quite a lot but what movie now days isn't, but people are thinking it was hyped for how great it story it was and that it was a best movie of all-time. This isn't true what was hyped was the visuals and as of now nothing visually done any any movie previous or current has surpassed it so in that aspect the hype was justified.

Secondly an unoriginal story doesn't make a bad movie. If your looking for a movie with a completely original story that is doing everything in a completely different way you might as well be looking for a dish in Sunworld that doesn't give you food poisoning.

Thirdly just because a movie lacks heavy dialog doesn't mean it lacks good acting. I would argue that why the acting worked so well is because it didn't lengthy speech's like most movies trying to make a point that's already been made.

Fourthly and finally and most likely the most unknown fact about Avatar was how its budget was spent. In reality most of the money to create Avatar was spent in the production of 3 dimensional animation equipment. Making it easier for people that wanted to make movies like this later on.

Think about it. I think too many people have the tendency to automatically call a movie "crap" if its not the best thing they've seen that year or they had their expectations to high.

<3 Ken Tanaka I mean Ciaran.
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