Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Peter Dunne slams Labour's proposed GST reform

Peter Dunne has slammed Labour's proposed plan to make essential items such as bread and milk exempt from GST.

In his speech to the House in response to the 2010 Budget, Mr Dunne commented on how the logistics and possible issues that would arise should Labour's plan be executed.

Mr Dunne cited the problems that would arise for retailers having to adjust their cash registers, that would have to be able to distinguish between 'essential items'.

In addition to this, he used the example of a ham sandwich to illustrate his point, saying that if you were to buy a ham sandwich under the GST proposed by Labour, you would have to pay GST for the ham within the bread, but not the bread itself.

Furthermore, Mr Dunne praised the 2010 Budget and commented on its benefits for the economy and the greater benefits for the average New Zealand family.
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