Monday, May 10, 2010

Introductions are in order.....

Why hellooooooo my dear children. It is I, Ciaran. Ciaran from the very popular (LOL) blog that is sweeping the nation . The crazily inconsistent blog will have to wait for now because I feel that I must induct my presence along side others here.

First off. I'm first and foremost the greatest contributing author that ever lived therefore, I am to be treated with respect. Mr Author will do. Along side Alistair Murray, Ken Imrie and others, we deliver you news, insight and entertainment....but we will mostly just argue.

....well that about it. From high grossing movie of all-time or whether or not the middle east is actually part of Asia, I'm sure we'll find something interesting to talk about.

<3 Ken Tanaka I mean Ciaran.
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